Tea has been much more than a drink for thousands of years. Let us show you how tea brings people together.

Unique and thoughtful team building.

Our tea brings people together through the rich experience of a Chinese tea presentation or a Gongfu tea ceremony. A Chinese tea presentation creates a sense of harmony and a positive gesture of sharing and goodwill. As an activity for diversity and inclusion, the presentation promotes the goals of living and working effectively in a global society.

The Most Prized Tea In The World.

All of the teas we carry are the absolute highest quality on the market. We take pride in our tea, which is sourced directly from China, and is quite simply the best Chinese tea in the world.

Tea Presentations

We provide on-site Chinese tea presentations or Gongfu tea ceremonies designed specifically for friends, groups, professional team building, and corporate events. If you've never experienced one, a Chinese tea presentation is much more than simply drinking tea. We'd love to show you how tea can unify people.

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Our Chinese tea presentations start with the finest quality Chinese tea available.
Subtle and delicious, these teas are truly something special, an experience for the senses.

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Journey with us through hundreds of years of Chinese tea history. Understanding its history connects us with the past, and helps us look forward to the future thoughtfully.

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In Chinese culture, tea is served to guests when they arrive to show respect and kindness. Chinese tea presentations create a sense of harmony and a positive gesture of sharing, as well as goodwill in the workplace.

Richard and his wife, founders of For All the Tea in China

About Richard

Prior to moving to the Charleston, South Carolina area, Richard lived in Hong Kong for twelve years. When he first arrived in Hong Kong, he was presented with a welcome gift of Chinese tea. Fascinated by the taste of the tea, he started to research the various types of tea produced in China and his passion for tea began. From there he studied the history of Chinese tea and the different vessels used to brew the tea. Richard has visited tea farms in various regions of China and Taiwan. In addition, he participated in the processing of the famous green tea in the Hangzhou Longjing Tea Village of China from the early morning picking of the tea leaves, to the processing and roasting to the final product for distribution. 

100% Authentic Chinese Teas

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Tea Presentations

Experience a traditional Gongfu tea ceremony

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